Marry Me, A Little

Conceived and Developed by Craig Lucas & Norman Rene
Promethean Theatre Co.

MidCity Theatre
May 8-18, 2014

"Marry Me a Little vibrates with the hum of an ambitious young Sondheimite straining to pull his hero’s work within reach of the millennial generation. 'This music is ours too!'"
"For the first time in my experience Sondheim sounds not sophisticated, but... self absorbed and petulant. Still touching, still whip-smart, but immature. It works startlingly well."
-Michael Martin, NOLA Defender

"For Sondheim devotees the show is especially a must-see, even if they already know these songs from the many tribute performances and anthology recordings out there."
-Ted Mahn, New Orleans Times Picyune

Scenic Design by Leah Farrelly
Lighting Design by Brian Debs
Accompaniment by Glen Aucoin

AshleyRose Bailey as Woman
Aaron Lind as Man

Photos by John Barrois