The Flick

By Annie Baker
Promethean Theatre Co. 
Rivertown Theaters for the Performing Arts
August 11-28, 2016

"I hesitate to call a show "real," because that is trite. I hesitate to call a show "close to home," because that is meaningless as we all have different homes. I will say the show I saw last night was heartbreaking without being melodramatic. I will say the show was steeped in references without being esoteric. I will say the show was funny and relatable without pandering to any broad comedy or usual tricks. The performances were meticulous without being contrived. The emotion was palpable without dripping with sentimentality. In short, this was an excellent show, expertly directed, and you should absolutely make it out to Kenner so you can enjoy it, as I was so lucky to do."   -Meredith Brumfield

“Stephen M. Eckert's skillful direction yields credible characterizations and purposeful onstage movement. The Flick was an unassuming but excellently directed and acted play worthy of discussion and introspection.” -Mary Rickard, Gambit

2016 Big Easy Entertainment Awards
Best Direction (Nominated)
Best Ensemble (Won)
Best Scenic Design, Lex Gernon (Nominated)

Scenic Design by Lex Gernon
Lighting Design by Diane Baas
Mark Bryan as Stage Manager

Stephen Foley as Sam
Khiry Armstead as Avery
Susan Lanigan as Rose
Derrick Toups as Dreaming Man/Skylar

Photos by Marc Petros